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About Change my eating

Company Story

CHANGE MY EATING is a one-of-a-kind, nutrition education and behavior modification program for people struggling with overeating and their weight. Through individual and group counseling programs, CHANGE MY EATING uses evidence-based methods to educate people about changing their eating. Together, Jenny and her clients work to create attainable lifestyle changes for lasting weight loss, good health and a healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

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My Approach

Overeating leaves us feeling uncomfortable in our bodies and makes us feel like we’re not in control, ultimately contributing to weight gain.  We tell ourselves we have to do better; but we don’t.  There’s hope!  Through both mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methods, you will begin to understand your overeating habit and develop strategies to eat foods in amounts that you can live with. 

first, build a healthier relationship with food

Together, we will discover, process and problem-solve the following themes in our nutrition counseling sessions.

  • Strategies to prevent your overeating habit
  • Eating with greater awareness and enjoyment
  • Discovering and changing sabotaging thought patterns
  • Connecting with your body’s hunger, fullness and taste signals
  • Planning your meals and snacks more often
  • Developing a food environment that sets you up for success
  • Destigmatizing your “fear foods”
  • Strategies to navigate your food cravings
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the techniques used in our counseling sessions that helps you discover and modify the thoughts that may be sabotaging your eating.

"Dieting is the only way to control my eating."

"I should eat this salad even though I really feel like pasta."

"I am GOOD all day and then by the evening I lose control."

"I can never eat sweets because sugar is bad for me and I can't control the amounts."

Mindfulness helps you become more keen at noticing when your taste buds have had enough. I teach MB-EAT (Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training) elements in my counseling sessions; a National Institutes of Health research-based curriculum designed to improve mindless and stress-related eating and obesity.

Mindfulness, the other method taught in our sessions, is training your capacity to observe the experience of your body and mind and then slowly begin to bring automatic reactions under more conscious control.  It includes deliberately paying attention to your sensations of physical hunger as well as the many other reasons driving you to eat.  Research is showing promise of how mindful meditations can improve how individuals relate to food, eating, and distressing thoughts and emotions so prevalent in individuals suffering from disordered eating.  You will learn to better connect to your body and observe your subtle hunger and satiety cues with regular mindfulness meditations.  

Then, initiate lifestyle changes that promote fat loss

Eating more mindfully can help with out-of-control eating and can help you be more satisfied with the food you eat.  However, the reality is that our bodies tend to want to stay at the same weight.  In order to actually lose weight, you still need to make conscious choices about cutting back on your calorie intake while increasing your physical activity.  There are many evidenced-based strategies that can help including, increasing your plant food consumption, balancing macronutrients, strategic use of meal replacements, and journaling, to name a few.  We talk about these strategies in our counseling sessions once you’re related to food in a healthier way.  The goal is that we approach this “lifestyle change” not like a rule-based “diet” but as a way of life.

The reality is that some individuals need more than nutrition counseling can provide to lose beyond 10-20% of their weight, and medical treatments may be indicated. 

hear what clients have to say

Clients Testimonials

"A whole world opened up for me now that food wasn't at the center of my universe. My relationship with food changed completely. I actually had more time since I wasn't so concerned with where I was lunching! Jenny was the most knowledgeable, kind and understanding support and still is more than 2 years out. She checks in with me and I check in with her and I know I can tell her anything regarding nutritional support and maintenance and she is just right there with me. I have never felt alone or without answers. So much opened up for me, the least of which was the actual weight loss part! I was literally and figuratively 'weighed down' by my weight. I have a whole life now that I didn't know existed, and being skinny now is just a bonus!"
Jenna J
Keeping off over 100 pounds
The strategy that Jenny gave me early on and helps me be successful is STOP, DROP, and THINK. STOP what you’re doing, DROP the food in your hand and THINK about what/why you are doing it. This travels with me wherever I go, and whatever I eat. Every day is a challenge but that is what helps to keep me motivated. There is a laundry list of things that Jenny has helped me accomplish through my weight loss journey, not to mention keeping the weight I have lost off. My life has significantly changed since the weight loss. My friends and family tell me I look great but more importantly they tell me I am a happier, more self-confident individual who is motivated to do anything I put my mind to. I believe in myself and know I can accomplish anything.
Keeping off over 30 pounds
“Don’t sweat the small stuff. This applies not only to mistakes you make with food, but also the daily stuff that causes you to use food as a coping mechanisms. Jenny has been one of my keystones. Her non- judgmental attitude and realistic approach is very anxiety reducing. Jenny armed me with the tools of online food tracking and looking at the calories on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis and that was a real turning point in my weight loss. Since my weight loss, I have become a 'badass'. At the age of 46 I went surfing and zip lining. I drove across country by myself. I auditioned for a movie. I would have not done any of these things if I had not lost the weight. Historically I am not an adventurous person, however after years sitting on the sidelines, I find that I want to try new things more than ever."
Jennifer B
Keeping off over 200 pounds

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