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do you have decision anxiety about what to eat?

Let me help you...

So excited to have you here!  This product store is designed for people who want convenient, delicious, healthier snacks while still focusing on their goal of health and weight loss.  By purchasing any product on this page you agree to our Privacy Policy.  Please note, that as an Amazon Associate I earn a very small commission from qualifying purchases.  As a small business owner, I appreciate your support. 

Protein Shakes, Shake Ad-Ons, and Blenders

Protein shakes serve many purposes.  They can be on-the-go snacks or breakfasts to help prevent your blood sugar from dropping.  The volume and consistency of your shake can affect its ability to help you feel full.  In other words thick shakes help you feel full.  To make a shake thicker, you can add ice, frozen fruit or veggies (not listed here) and/or less water.  Watch the video to help you get inspired!

Crunchy Savory Snacks

If you love crunchy savory snacks, these are some popular “healthier” considerations.
Perishable Foods Coming Soon!

Snacks & Breakfast Products

These recommendations are what I have found customers most appreciate.