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Obesity Treatments

obesity is a chronic disease

You may need more than mindfulness and lifestyle changes

An overweight person in good health may need to only improve habits and increase physical activity; however, if your obesity is significantly impacting your health, you may need more aggressive treatments.  As a provider, I would be amiss to not educate you as to these options.  I have so many positive client stories to share, especially with bariatric surgery.  As a result, I can help introduce you to the different options available for you to discuss with your physician.

Exploring Bariatric Surgery

There is no shame in having bariatric surgery!

Once patients become educated and put their fears aside, many share how they wish they would have had the surgery sooner. The research is clear; the most effective treatment to improve chronic diseases and achieve significant and lasting weight loss is bariatric surgery.  While undergoing the surgery requires a lot education and behavioral changes, it can help you manage your eating on many fronts. Not only will it help manage your hunger and ability to feel full, it will help you slow down and become a more mindful eater. I am happy to provide you with surgeon referrals as well as patients who have been in your shoes. 

patients sharing what it's like

Surgery Options and Patient Experiences

sleeve gastrectomy
gastric bypass
gastric band
Picture of Jenny Arussi, MS, RDN

Jenny Arussi, MS, RDN

"Avoid approaching bariatric surgery like all of the diets you have started, and not finished, before. Instead, learn how the tool works and the behaviors associated with its long-term success. Enlisting in long-term support and accountability is key to your success."

Exploring Obesity Medications

Another possible treatment
Medication used in conjunction with lifestyle changes may help create meaningful weight loss to improve your chronic condition. As a society, we would never raise our eyebrow when a physician recommends blood pressure medication for hypertension; however, for some reason we don't see FDA-approved medications that treat obesity in the same vein, even though obesity is defined as chronic disease by the American Medical Association. There are several FDA approved medications that vary in how they work, as well as their efficacy and safety. While medication can help with meaningful weight loss, weight regain may occur with discontinuation of drug therapy. I am happy to introduce you to the drugs available and my client's experiences with them for you to consider and discuss with your physician.
patients sharing what it's like

Bariatric Surgery Resources

Food For Thought: A Dietitian's Perspective Chapter By: Jennifer Arussi, MS, RDN

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