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New Beginnings

change begins with the belief
Jenny Arussi, MS, RDN

Jenny Arussi, MS, RDN

"Slowly, you CAN develop an arsenal of techniques that reduce your eating, free of deprivation. This process first begins with the belief that your transformation IS EVEN POSSIBLE. The process continues with the openness and willingness to look at your eating challenges through journaling. We will review, process and problem-solve new ways of eating that work for you in our nutrition counseling sessions."

nutrition counseling

Nutritional Counseling Pillars


Share parts of your eating that may be uncomfortable to talk about in a safe, non-judgmental space with an experienced dietitian.

Lifestyle Strategies

Learn and develop lifestyle strategies to help you lose weight and manage your chronic condition (pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes).

Craving Work

Learn and develop techniques to manage your urges to eat when you're not hungry.

Mindfulness Practices

Bring your eating into more conscious control with mindfulness practices that curb overeating.


Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you identify and replace sabotaging thoughts that lead to overeating with one's that help you.

Meal + Snack Planning

Discover meals and snacks that work for you and satisfy.

Step 1: Schedule an initial nutrition counseling session

Nutrition Counseling Benefits

“The strongest predictors of dietary change and maintenance were attending intervention sessions and self-monitoring dietary intake.” These findings are referenced from the Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial; one of the largest randomized, controlled trials to date testing the effects of dietary changes on disease outcomes over three years time.  This, coupled with Frank Sacks’s study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that “attendance was strongly associated with weight loss.”  Surprisingly, the diet the subjects were assigned (i.e. low fat or high protein), wasn’t as meaningful as just showing up.  Many other trials echo the benefits of counseling, and the below programs mirror these research-based principles.

Initial Nutrition Counseling

One 90-Minute Session

Beginning at this initial counseling session, you will work towards increasing your awareness of your problematic eating behaviors; some of which are so ingrained and automatic, you may not have a sense of how they came about. This initial session begins with a thorough history and eating patterns assessment and sets the stage for reshaping your relationship with food and eating and improving your health.
  • Bariatric nutrition evaluations available to provide to your surgeon.
Start Here
remote support examples
A client noticing her overeating.
A client reflecting on how she overate.
Step 2: Enroll in a Phase-One Success Program

Tailored Plans To Help You Gain Control

I offer these programs to help ensure you have everything you need on your health journey.  These programs begin after our initial nutrition counseling session and are designed to support the time in between our sessions.  ** 

The Beginner Breakthrough Program

Minimum 2-Month Commitment

This program is for the individual who needs help reducing their tendency to eat automatically and wants to get to the bottom of their overeating habit. This program is also for bariatric patients wanting to get a handle on their eating before OR after weight loss surgery.
$ 397 Monthly
  • Easy-to-use platform to journal with monitoring, support and perspective from me throughout the week
  • Three remote follow-up sessions per month (50-60 min)
  • Personalized check-in prompts helping you stay focused between sessions
  • Remote support (M-F) when you direct message me
  • Insurance-based Cost: $47/month

"The Works" Program

Minimum 2-Month Commitment

This program is for the individual who benefits from a high-level of accountability and is ready to disrupt their overeating habits in their tracks. This program is also ideal for bariatric patients wanting to get a handle on their eating before OR after weight loss surgery.
$ 537 Monthly
  • Easy-to-use platform to journal; monitoring, support and perspective from me throughout the week
  • Four remote follow-up sessions per month (50-60 min)
  • Personalized check-in prompts helping you feel supported and accountable
  • PLUS: Daily access to me! Just reach out and we'll set up a time to connect when you're feeling stuck and need help navigating next steps.
  • Insurance-based Cost: $94/month

**All bariatric patients should participate in ongoing support and self-monitoring to adjust to the necessary lifestyle changes BOTH before and after weight loss surgery.  This counseling and support is important to navigate what to eat and combat any maladaptive eating behaviors, weight regain or nutritional deficiencies.​

Step 3: enroll in a phase-two success program

Strategies to Build Upon Your Success

These programs are designed to maintain the support and accountability you have established and are critical to sustaining healthier habits that last! 

The Maintaining Momentum Program

Minimum 3-Month Commitment

This program is for the individual who wants to maintain or build upon the mindful eating habits they have begun to establish. Developing your meal planning habit begins here with access to the innovative meal planning software and app, EatLove.
$ 259 Monthly
  • Two remote follow-up sessions per month (50-60 min)
  • Easy-to-use platform to continue to journal with monitoring, support and perspective from me during our sessions
  • Remote support and feedback when you direct message me
  • Goal reminders keeping you engaged and accountable
  • Access to EatLove, the innovative meal planning software
  • Insurance-Based Cost: $29/month

Meal Planning Subscription Service

EatLove Meal Planning Software

Imagine spending less time thinking about food, knowing exactly what to eat, what to buy and how to make it. The EatLove meal planning software and app helps to minimize the stress and complexity of planning your weekly meals and snacks.
$ 19 Monthly
  • Access to EatLove, an innovative meal planning software
  • Weekly meal + snack inspiration tailored to your nutrition goals complete with step-by-step recipe instructions and grocery lists
  • Ability to "swap" suggested meals + snacks within your nutrition parameters
  • Local restaurant suggested "smart choices" for those times you don't want to cook
  • Daily log feature to develop nutrition awareness
  • Weekly nutrition and behavior-change education
  • Included in the Maintaining Momentum Program

About EatLove Meal Planning Platform

Do you want to stop winging it when it comes to what you're going to eat? Research suggests that people who prepare meals at home consume fewer calories and more nutrients on average , including fiber, calcium, iron. You will receive personalized meal and snack recipes tailored to your nutrition goals and preferences using the digital platform and app called, Eat Love. In addition to tasty recipes with grocery lists, EatLove can alternatively offer some fast food alternatives that you can incorporate into your new healthier lifestyle. Watch the video to learn more about this essential meal planning tool!
What clients say
an important tool to assess progress

Body Composition Testing

Body composition testing is on hold due to COVID-19.

Body composition is a method of describing what your body is made of, including fat, muscle, and body water. This amazing assessment tool is available to you in my office utilizing the medical grade InBody 570. The reality is that scales and BMI (body mass index) are poor tools for assessing health risks. The InBody 570 allows you to identify if your weight changes are in fat, muscle or water; something the traditional scale cannot accomplish. Watch these videos to learn more about this priceless assessment tool available after Covid restrictions lifted.

What is it like to get your body composition tested?

Want to learn what it's like to get your body composition tested? Watch this short video to see what it's like to obtain an accurate, in-depth method of measuring your body composition metrics and your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR is the minimum calories you need to support basic bodily functions at rest. You will be able to track your individual progress on key body composition metrics such as muscle gain or fat loss in the LookinBody app and access and share your results with your physician.

How should I prepare for the body composition test?

Watch this video to learn what recommended steps you should take to prepare for your InBody Test. Follow these guidelines to ensure you get the most accurate body composition results.
Counseling Sessions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The journey begins with first improving how you relate to food and eating.  This process involves becoming more mindful how certain situations, thoughts, people, emotions and foods affect you.  Our sessions include reviewing these details in an inquisitive, non-judgmental manner.  The counseling sessions cannot only help with the accountability you want and need, but also provide important insight and perspective. This may include pointing out your black-and-white-thinking or critical self-judging stance. Or what about how you may have underestimated or ignored your hunger, or how you needed to plan better? Receiving this feedback and support during times when managing eating is especially difficult, is of utmost importance.

Our follow-up sessions begin with a reflection and assessment of your struggles and wins and concludes with at least one realistic behavioral/food-related goal which is both challenging a feasible for you to work towards during the week.  There is no one size fits all to how these sessions unfold.  All sessions and communications take place in Healthie, a secure tele-health platform (as a result of COVID-19).  


Getting Started with Healthie Platform + App

My Approach

Yes, you can use your insurance if the following applies:

  1. If I am in-network with your insurance.  I am in-network with Anthem, United Healthcare, Blue Shield of California and Medicare.
  2. If your plan actually covers nutrition counseling (service codes 97802 and 97803) for your specific health condition (i.e. diabetes, overweight/obesity, hypertension, binge-eating disorder, high cholesterol, bariatric surgery, etc).  Some plans cover preventative nutrition counseling benefits where a medical diagnosis is not needed.  To verify your benefits and obtain your physician’s referral download this form.  Ask Your Insurance Template + Referral Form 2021

Let’s find a time to chat briefly to make sure any remaining questions about working together get answered and we are fit.  Here is a link to schedule a Discovery Call.

Schedule Discovery Call

Our work together involves you working towards finding foods that you enjoy and that satisfy you.  I find patients learn as they go what foods and combination of foods works best. 

We will begin with the most important meal/snack times that may be impacting your tendency to overeat.  This may include snacks and/or breakfast.  In our sessions we brainstorm multiple examples of what to eat, with the goal of consuming more plant foods and balanced meals and snacks.

I also like to approach “what to eat” with consideration of what you currently eat and making suggested “edits” to these meals and snacks.  I typically don’t provide a detailed meal plan initially, as I feel this is contrary to our work together.  Using the EatLove digital platform and app is a great way to develop more skill at meal planning and cooking.  See EatLove video above with the Meal Planning Support Program available to you.


Typically, new patients benefit from weekly sessions, as with  “The Works Support Program.”  This amount of support is helpful when learning how to eat amounts and food choices you can live with.  As you develop more confidence with your new eating patterns, sessions may decrease to every other week, as in the “Beginner Breakthrough Program” or the “Maintaining Momentum Program.”

Please ask me about my prompt pay discount rates if you aren’t using your insurance.  Payment must be received at the time of service to obtain this discount.  Otherwise, all rates of programs are listed above – for both insurance clients and cash pay clients.